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*Ask about our available payment plans and free 1000 word sample edit*

**Pricing subject to change according to services requested and time allotted**


Starting at .015 cents per word*

In this editing process, the editor will comb through your manuscript line by line, providing inline suggestions on how to revise or clean up your manuscript. This form of editing will focus more on sentence structure, flow, and how to tweak things to make your writing as smooth and beautiful as possible.

Outline of Focal Points:

  • Sentence structure and order/flow

  • Dialogue structure

  • Correction or highlight of confusing phrasing

  • "Show, Don't tell"

  • Errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Passive voice

  • Suggestions relating to the order of chapters/scenes (if necessary)

  • Arrangement of text

  • Word choice

  • Basic fact-checking

  • Inline comments


Starting at .01 cents per word*

It's time for the final step! Your book is all done and has been edited through, but you need another set of eyes to go through your manuscript and find any pesky typos and errors that are just a little too good at hiding. This editing service is meant to polish up those final touches so you can publish with confidence!

Outline of Focal Points:

  • Errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Dialogue structure and formatting

  • Inconsistencies (capitalization, end quotes, tenses, etc.)

  • Removal of unnecessary words

  • Arrangement of text

Editorial Freelancer Association Average Prices:
Line Editing, fiction: $0.04-$0.049 per word



Proofreading, fiction: $0.02-$0.029 per word

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